my life as shantay
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2010-08-19 05:32:45 (UTC)

the boy i met that changed my life

Ok so i know that a while back in my first entry i said that
i hate boys but for the past two days all my opinions and
thoughts have changed and my troubles have faded away......
so me my mom n my little sister went to cocoa key(an
indoor water park)on monday n were staying there for the
whole week.So yesturday we got settled finally n went down
to the waterpark nd i was taking my littl sister to the
waterslide nd as i was reaching for a two person tube this
guy thats about one head taller than me which means that im
up to his shoulduer was reaching for the same two person
tube for him n his little sister.His skin color was like a
peachy tan he had shiney grey eyes n brown curly hair with a
pearly white smile.I swear it was like i had jus reached
heaven.As soon as we noiced eachothers hands we looked up at
eachother and there were a million sparks flying around us o
yea and as soon as my little sister saw is little sister
they imediatly wanted to play with echother.I gess u can say
sarks flew for them too lol.Anyways so the ran along while
me n him were just chilling on the pool side n got to know
eachother.His name is Jamey and he likes playing basketball
and hes 14 come t0 find out he lives somewhere in my
neighborhood and hes going to my school this sepember
because he just moved there over the summer from florida.I
dont know where our friendship will lead but im sure itll b
in a good place i just hope that place will show up
sooner.Theres no mcdonalds here so looks like im gunnah

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