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2010-08-18 22:05:06 (UTC)

excited and scared!

I am now officially A STUDENT!!! I got the official
funding today for the Medical Billing/Coding/Terminology
course through MI Works. I also went to pick up my math
book from the campus and got my parking sticker. I feel
SOOO official :)

I got a call today from someone that I used to work with.
Someone I have up until now, considered a "friend"...I am
very hurt that she called to tell me that they rehired one
of the girls who got laid off when I did. A person that
did NOT like to work very hard. It is like a slap in the
face that A: she felt I needed to even KNOW this
information in the first place. B: That "I" wasn't
considered for the position by the owner. It is like a
second slap in the face. Oh well...I'm not so sure I'd
want to go back there anyhow. I was laid off once and I'm
sure it would happen again.

I need to just concentrate on these two classes. It is
the key to a hopefully brighter future in a more stable

I also went back to the gym today for the first time in a
lonnnnng time!!! I have 100 pounds to lose. I AM GOING
TO DO IT!!!!

I don't know why but I feel like crying right now. :(