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2010-08-18 18:04:12 (UTC)

A look at me now

Damn... So I started dating Steven. Why???? I was so happy
being single... well I am Single now we already broke up.
Idk what our deal is. This morning I was just like "I feel
like your not going to treat me right" and thats how I
feel, I know how he is with other girls. Then he just got
up and got all of his stuff and left. I love him lol our
relationship is always crazy but no matter what I love him.

He does act a little too friendly around Taylor though.
I'm glad me and Taylor are friends and she's a great
friend but Steven doesnt have to be all over her and
barely even talking to me. That's fucked up while i'm his
girlfriend, before we were dating it was all good and I
could have cared less but now as his girlfriend watching
him give another girl half a pack of cigs isnt cool.

Well he is suppose to be going to jail on friday and the
closer to friday it gets the more he is starting to talk
serious about going to jail and actually being there
awhile. He asked me if he stayed a month would I wait and
I told him yes but earlier he was all like its probably
best we don't date. I'll be gone and you won't wait on me.
I didn't even say anything because I know he knows I would
wait on him. Then he gave me 4 cigs and left.

Hmmm now what??? I'm actually happy to be single agian. I
have the same feeling of freedom back from someone I had
freedom with, weird. Steven just texted me and said "i
love you baby" I dont know what's up with us. It's weird
but I like it for some reason.

I can't believe Robbie called me from Delmars and I
actually talked to him. Really just because he was over
there and I wanted the number which now I have :). Yay me
lol Brandon is totally hott :) (Delmars little brother).
We argued the whole time but at the end we kinda said we
should smoke a blunt after I punch him in the face. IDK I
DON'T WANT TO SEE HIM FACE TO FACE. Ugh I hate that peice!

Totally have a headache and really hungry. Wednesday
August 18th 2:04pm

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