How to spend given 90 days
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2010-08-18 16:09:46 (UTC)

Day23: Gold license

What I did today:
* Booked hospital check up
* Ordered repair service for broken TV
* Drove to my grand parents' house
* Cooked dinner

I am a gold driving license holder!
But, totally a paper driver LOL

Today I got permission from my mom to drive her car, and
visited grand parents' house and supermarket.
Kinda nervous to drive after a looong no drive time.
As living in Tokyo, where there are good transportation
means, I totally got used to the life without a car.
So, I kinda admire ppl here, living country side and drive
cars smoothly. I cannot even park the car well enough...

I admit that living in country side would be very good for
mental health, and would be very good if I raise children
etc... but, I cannot imagine myself living here forever.

I guess, however much stress Big city like tokyo gives me,
it would be suitable for me to live there.
I dont think I can adpt myself like my brother.

Being apart from my hometown, sadly, I dont even have
close friends to hang out here.
All of my friends are either in foreign countries or in

Oh well.
I am going back to Tokyo tomorrow.

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