Where am I?
2001-10-10 01:52:48 (UTC)


dont bitch at me for ranting, this is my space to vent. so
if you have a problem with it you can fuck off. i will not
let you make me cry anymore. i love you with all my heart,
but it doesnt give you power over me and thats where i was
getting hurt. go do whatever you want, just dont make me a
casualty of your moods. i have done everything for you and
what do i get in return but petty names. i get labelled so
much by you but never understood. you ask for respect,
well you have to give it to get it in return. your karma
is kicking you in your ass and its kicking mine too. we
are the same person, ideally and we cant stand ourselves so
how can we stand each other? you say you hate drama but
you seek it out unintentionally. you dont deal with me but
are willing to put up with everyone elses bullshit. and i
know you will take this personally cuz its to you, but i
realize its also about me, and i take that responsibility.
do what you need, i will too. dont make me out to be the
bad guy, youre just as bad as i am.

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