2010-08-18 00:33:48 (UTC)

I am now a STUDENT!!

I am now a student!! I am taking a prerequisite math class
at NMC. Also, after a LOT of hard work, I am getting a
grant through MI Works to pay for the Medical
Billing/Coding/Terminology class that is offered online
through CMU!! I am so excited and very very nervous!! I
have not been an official "student" in like 19 years!!
know I can do this!!! I am going to make getting through
these two courses my full time job!! I am anxious to get
started! Once I do, I'm sure that I will be just fine!!
I wish I would have started sooner than this, however I
really and honestly thought that I would be able to find a
job! It has been so depressing not working, not having
anything to do or think about!! :( I am praying that
these classes will help me!!

My mom told me today that I am wasting my time going to
school. THANKS MOTHER. She has always known just how to
boost my self-esteem...NOT!!! :(

I will be starting NMC on 8/30. I will probably be
starting the coding/billing/terminology in the next week
as well.


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