2010-08-17 05:38:10 (UTC)

Today i'm sad

Hi dear Diary
Today I'm sad. Somehow i feel extremely lonely.. i feel
like there is no one near me, no one can hold my hand and
this feeling is overwhelming...
Today is my best friend's birthday, but unfortunately i'm
very far fromm her.. Recently i have relocated from my
country and left all my close one behind. it's killing me
slowly, slowly..
i need some one right now, some one who will understand me
without words, who can just look at my eyes and smile.. that
would help me a lot. but there's no one like that..
Surely my family is near , but i don't feel happy and
whole.. Why is that.. and now on my best friend's birthday i
feel like my heart is melting away... is it final??? is it
possible to change everything... where is the person who can
help me... what is this feeling... can some one tell me,
help me..
they say it'll pass.they say i'm young...but i don't feel
like anymore.. loneliness is killing me...and noone knows
about it.. only you dear Diary :(((