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2010-08-16 19:59:27 (UTC)

Like a cat eating it\'s own vomit

Like the title says, I gotta watch what the hell I'm doing.
So, here is what I'm talking about. The ex and I shared an
email for misc stuff that wasn't too important. Anyway, she
used the same email for her cell phone. Long story but just
go with this. We both have access to this email and I send
email to her phone via this very same email address.

Well, today like other days, the Ex does her thing. Pretends
to be nice and concerned for the kids and their well being.
I again feel bad for the kids future so I talk to her about
what we can do.

Anyway, like always, she flakes out and doesn't make her
appointment to meet me to discuss some pretty important
stuff like what school the kids will go to, their health,
living arrangemensts, blah blah blah.

Low and behold, ex doesn't call. She doesn't respond to my
emails, texts, and calls. Pisses me off of course and I tell
her that this is pretty much repeat business and I don't
need it. I tell her how she gets her high is weird. She (as
always) has some excuse due to some emergency. Whatever. I send
retaliatory emails telling her how she is a liar and how she
is the only person I know that does this to me. Lies, missed
appts, etc.

Then just out of being pissed, I checked her/our email and I
can see the emails I sent her. Looking back, I see the same
old pattern by her. I get accused so often of not changing
my ways and that I have bad things about me that needs to be
turned around.

However, nobody seems to look at themselves except for me.
As I looked at the emails I sent her, I see that it entails
the same old thing. Where are you? Why do you not respond?
Haven't heard from you. Is everything ok? Why no call? Why
no respond?

HOly SHIT!!! This is why I say to myself.... Like a cat
eating it's own vomit!! I've been doing this for so long.
It's not me having to change. I have to say with proof that
its her! Her 19yr old daughter too! But that's another
posting. I will do that later tonight.

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