Nick's Journal
2010-08-16 18:27:19 (UTC)

Dis and Dat

once a year i allow myself the purchase of a video game.
that purchase is Madden football. since i got my xbox360,
madden is really the only game i buy. here is a list of
games that are most played on my xbox.

magic the gathering - $20
civilization revolution - $30
Madden Football - $60

other than those, i don't play much else. it's quite
economical. of course, being the nerd that i am i HAVE to
get it on the day it is out. i don't preorder but still. i
gotsta get mah madden!

on a related note, i believe i mentioned in a previous
journal that one of the few fireable offenses i would have
in my company would be calling in sick to camp out for
anything (that includes madden). apparently this is done
quite frequently.

i don't know why but that just seems unseemly.

anyhow. so i got to target and of course there were plenty
of copies available. i mean raelly, in this day and age of
plenty is it really necessary to preorder anymore?

i watched the target employee open the glass case with his
bbig ass key chain to take a copy for me. greedily i follow
him to the checkout counter. at the checkout counter it got

"would you like two bags of doritoes with this?"
"no thanks."
"are you sure? doritoes is sponsoring a promo where you get
two bags with a copy of madden."
"are the bags free?"
", you have to pay for them."
"what kind of promo is that?"
"well you get a $10 gift car at target."
"can i used the $10 gift card on the bags of doritoes and
the madden game?"
"well no."
"why not?"
now here i noticed two things...(1) this guy wasn't really a
target employee but seemed to be more of a hybrid
target/doritoes sponsor employee and (2) the line behind me
was growing and the sponsor/employee was feeling more and
more threatened by my unwillingness to take the two bags
"BECAUSE, they have to go at retail's a doritoes
"well thanks, but i don't really eat doritoes."

OH MOTHER FUCKER IT IS ON NOW!!! i just dissed his brand in
front of a line of people. all of which, i quickly noticed
had two bags of doritoes in their hands like good sheep. of
course now, with my idiotic antics, they were looking at
their bags of doritoes with huge question marks on their
faces...was it really worth it?

the doritoes/target employee was staring daggers at me. his
eyes conveyed the following death glare/threat: "mother
fucker, if you don't buy these two bags of doritoes right
the fuck now, i am going to beat you to death the the nacho
cheese variety."
on the outside he tried one last frantic pitch:
"if you THINK ABOUT IT" (I.E. don't act like a staright up
asshole, "it's actually QUITE A GREAT DEAL with the $10 gift

i thought about it. bought the bags and took the card. i
was not about to die over two bags of doritoes.

i think i found out what the problem with driving in america
is. people drive too fast. if i could change any one law
it would be that, other than on the interstate in which the
speed limit will be 70; all speed limits are 30 mph. yeah
it sux. yeah it's an inconvenience. but it will save
lives. and in order to enforce this 30 mph limit i would
place spikes on the road (like those when you are too stupid
to go the right way in a parking garage) that would shoot
out instanteously when you go over 30. (with modern
technology you can't tell me we can't create a radar that
would automatically shoot out spikes on the road that would
do this).

finally. i am obsessed with superstars. not the britney
spears variety, but the michael jordan, tom brady, fortune
500 type. if you've read prior journals, you'll notice i
try my best to analyze and dissect how these companies and
people go from good to great.

i am going to read the book "from good to great" but i have
been reading os much on the topic. i am totally obsessed
because my stupid law firm is just pittering along. i want
it to be great.

i realize that most of it is probabitity. i just finished
"the drunkard's walk" which is an excellent book that
explains probability. in it, the guy concedes (much as
malcolm gladwell does in outliers) that so much of what
happens is random and that it is just sheer luck that we get
the opportunity.

hwoever, one heartening thing from all these books is that,
more than anything, perseverance matters. and if you think
about it that makes a lot of ssense. the probability of
failing is 80% (randomly pulled from my anus) and 20% chance
of you making it. so if ou think about it, you have a good
chance of failure. failure sucks, it is disheartneing. i
failed miserably trying to install trim in my house. i cut
it wrong and fucked it up.

but practice and perserverance helps. so fi you can just
pick yourself up enough times and doggedly try, try again
luck can't hold you back (or bad luck more accurately).
eventually, you will get lucky, you will succeed and you
wlil be great.

or at least i keep on telling myself that as i try to make
ends meet in my little law firm.