My Thoughts
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2010-08-16 16:21:08 (UTC)

Learning to Love me

It is time for me to face my feelings. The funny thing about
denying the way you feel is that you do not feel any
different, you are just in denial. For some reason, I feel
an extreme amount of guilt for even thinking about loving
myself the way I love everyone else in my life. Apart of me
feels like I do not deserve it. So, I spend my time denying
myself of the things I need, to give to those I feel deserve
it. I am thinking I am afraid of something, but I really do
not know what it is. Now,I have this indescribable yearning
for everything that I miss. The result is looking for love
in the places where they are most unavailable.How do I get
to the place where I love myself, so that I will not be
burden to someone else, and do not continue on this painful
path? Seeking solutions.

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