How to spend given 90 days
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2010-08-16 15:41:10 (UTC)

Day21: Back to my hometown again

Aug.13-15 is Japanese holiday Obon to prey ancestors.
I have already done with this preying when I was in my
hometown last month, but here, I came back to my hometown
again, so visited graves today.

Recently, I got used to days without working.... and got
very lazy.
I dont even get up early enough to eat breakfast....
I will spend only 3 days here, but will relax some more.

Going back to Tokyo on the 19th(so far planned), then
Taiwan from Aug.24th! Woo hoo

Only one thing, I didnt like about today, was I received e-
mail from the person who I used to work with in old
One of the biggest reason why I changed the divison was
because of her.

She heard about my absent from work, and messaged ..
basically just to say hello to see what I am up to.

UGGGGGGGGGGGh... She maybe wanted to show it was not right
decision to change the division or something ????
She wants to laugh at me or something ??

But, apart from work, I just feel that whatever other ppl
think, if i believe myself, what i am, then I will be OK.
My life is mine, no one can control. No one can take the
responsibility in the end.


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