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2010-08-16 14:42:07 (UTC)

The New Teen Titans: Eldritch Fire

Raven sat in her room, the darkness enshrouding her like
her cloak. She was alone, and yet, by the sheer force of
her mystic presence, she was in contact with the world, and
definitely with the people inhabiting Titan’s Tower. The
quiet of the room was interrupted by a knock at her door.
Not unexpected as she had followed Beast Boy’s aura down
the hall as it approached her room.
“Come in.” she said in her usual, level tone.
“Uh, Raven, what are you doing?” he asked.
“Meditating.” She replied.
“Can I watch?” he asked.
“Can you stay quiet?”
“Sure.” He said, and sat in front of the mysterious woman,
watching her breath, noticing how rhythmically her breasts
heaved as she practiced her deep breathing even as he tried
to follow suit, but his mind was, as always, a chaotic mess
of thoughts and ideas.
“How long do you usually do this?” he asked, and the red
glow coming from Raven’s eyes told him this was not the
time to be asking questions. Raven held out her hands,
asking him to take them in his. “What are you doing?”
“I want to show you why I need quiet.” and as she took his
hand, she chanted “Astaroth Metreon Zinthoth” and her power
manifested around her head, sending dark magic tendrils to
envelope Beast Boy’s head as well, completing the spell and
connecting their two psyches together. Suddenly Beast Boy
was aware of everything Raven was aware of, and she was
aware of everything he was aware of, they had become one
mind, but Raven’s mind being stronger, she was able to
control his thoughts, push them back so that only her
perception of the world existed.
Beast Boy’s mind soared above their bodies. He could see
everything, hear everything, feel everything. His
perception began to grow. He was no longer in Raven’s room
but soaring upward. He soon found himself in Robin’s room,
floating above the Boy Wonder, watching, watching him and
Starfire. Starfire’s blazing red hair flowed over her
naked back, then she swung her head down, the locks
sweeping over her, falling around her face then sweeping
back again as she arched backwards, her breasts taunt
against her body, the dark nipples framed between Robin’s
Suddenly Beast Boy found himself back in Raven’s room, his
heart pounding from the experience. He did not just see
the two of them; he felt it, as if he was connected to them
at the moment. "Wow Raven, does that always happen to you?"

I am better at controlling it, but yes, I experience
everything everyone is experiencing."

"How do you manage to cope?"

"As I said, I can control it, but still..."

"Still, to experience something like that second hand, to
have the sensation, but not the contact..."

"And you talking about it is not helping." Raven said, then
she looked deep into his eyes and came up with an idea. "I
need an outlet, are you willing to help?"

"What do you need Raven?" he asked, but he could see the
surface of her mind, and he knew what she required.

Raven levitated, floating above the floor as she unfolded
her legs to stand before the young man. She pulled back
her hood, the talisman on her forehead glowed with her
power, as she undid the clasp at her throat, and the cloak
floated like a manta ray across the room to drape over a
chair. Beast Boy rose, the years of combat giving him a
lithe physique, and he studied the young woman intently.

Starting at the glowing jewel on her forehead he followed
every contour of her face. The supple curve of her cheeks
as they slid comfortable into the nape of her neck. Her
throat was long and smooth, flowing from her breastbone,
which cut a sharp swath across her chest, separating the
fine lines of her neck from the round curves of her
breasts. Beast Boy continued his scan of Raven, well aware
of the physical manifestation that was taking place.

"Do you like what you see?" Raven asked.

"I have never seen you like this before." he said.

"This is merely an aspect of my personality," she
said, "Much like when you entered my mirror." she
continued, referencing the time he and Cyborg had entered
the mystic mirror she used to in her meditations.

"I don't remember seeing this part of you in your mirror

"There is a lot of me that you have not seen, but we can
change that tonight."

Dark tendrils, like fingers of night floated about the
young woman, caressing her. Like the plying fingers of a
lover they played along her back and it was a moment before
Beast Boy realized what was happening as the top of her
costume began to loosen. Raven grasped the edge of her
shirt and pulled it over her head. As her arms were raised
above her head he could see the incredible smoothness of
her breasts. Two white orbs of silken skin dotted by the
dark circles of her nipples, firm and erect at the pleasure
she derived from knowing he was watching.

Beast Boy watched as the shirt fell to the floor before he
removed his shirt as well. The muscles in his chest heaved
under the strain of his breathing, rippling with every
breath, and Raven watched him, took all of him in her
sight. She visually traced the cut of his muscles, the
definition that told her he was a fighter. She watched his
chest move, watched the rippled abs, saw his manhood
increase, bulging, fighting for release from his pants.
Raven slid her hands down her front, feeling the wetness
forming between her legs, wanting so much for him to take
her. Beast Boys eyes were fixed on Raven as she began to
pleasure herself, watched as her slim fingers played
beneath the fabric of her bottoms, and his mind could only
focus on how much he wanted to be the one fondling her. He
felt himself slipping off his pants, like he was not
consciously in control of his own body; all he was aware of
was Raven, and the cool air blowing across his erect
member. Raven, too, was aware of Beast Boys growing
interest in her, as well as becoming increasingly desirous
of his body. She allowed herself to slide her bottoms over
her hips, her hands slowly caressing her thighs as they
slid her costume down. Her hands cupped her taut calves as
she bent her leg to slide the leotard over her heel, then
slowly repeated the maneuver with her other leg. As she
stood on one leg, she was suddenly aware of something
curling around her ankle, and realized Beast Boy had
shifted into a large constrictor, wrapping himself around
her leg until he found the blessed union between her legs.
His mouth opened wide, but instead of sinking his fangs
into her tender flesh, he slid his sinuous tongue into her
slit. His control of this long, thin muscle was complete
as he sought those areas she was most responsive to, and
the deep-throated murmurs echoing through her body verified
his technique.

Still in contact with his mind, Raven made a mental image
of his massive, prehensile tail stroking her ass. As the
thought was forming in her mind, Beast Boy's body was
acting. His tail stroked her tailbone, sliding its muscle
along the crack of her ass to just before it met with his
jaw, still gently cradling her clit, then he slid back to
her tailbone in a slow massage. Raven moaned softly and
arched her back at the sensation. Beast Boy morphed back
into his human form as he slowly moved up her body, his
mouth covering her navel, his tongue slithered into her
belly button. Inch by inch he crawled along her body, his
tongue licking a path from her navel up between her
breasts. Beast Boy’s hands cupped the two luscious mounds,
kneading them as he continued his ascent of her body.
Beast Boy kissed Raven hard and long and as his mouth
covered hers, he slid into her. Raven’s back arched as she
gasped at this wanted intrusion. Her hands pressed to the
floor, she lifted her body into his.

Beast Boy placed his hands on either side of Raven’s body
as he slowly entered her, and she arched her back to meet
him. She wrapped her legs around his torso, and her arm
around his back and lifted herself into him. Now, as Beast
Boy was in a position similar to doing push ups, Raven used
her body to massage his manhood. Raising and lowering
herself so that she was able to control the rate and
intensity of their act. Raven’s mind exploded with the
sensation of this man inside her and she felt herself
rising in the air, taking her lover with her. As soon as
Beast Boy felt himself lift, rise, float above the ground,
he took advantage of the freedom. He gripped Raven’s ass
in his hands, massaging the cheeks, rubbing her tailbone as
she continued to massage him with her body.

Beast Boy reached behind him and took Raven’s hands in his,
pulling them up over her head as they floated in the air.
Pressing against her palms he lifted his chest off her,
exposing her beautiful white skin and deep, dark nipples to
his gaze, then, while she continued to excite him, he
tenderly sucked on one of her nipples, taking as much of
her into his mouth as he could, his tongue playing across
the erect nipple, and Raven bit her lower lip in ecstasy.
The stimulation was getting intense,a nd Beast Boy could
barely hold on any more. With one final, violent thrust,
he exploded inside Raven. Hot cum seethed into her,
filling her body with warmth, and her meticulous control
over her psyche erupted as Eldritch energies released into
the room, filling her room with the dark matter of her
power. The two were enveloped in blackness as Raven held
on tight to Beast Boy and continued to massage his erection
with her body, trying to get as much pleasure out of the
experience as she could. Finally, spent, exhausted, but
again regaining her control, the darkness slowly ebbed back
into her body, and the two fell to her bed, landing in a
heap of tangled body parts, and they both drifted off onto
their own private blackness of sleep.