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2010-08-15 14:14:25 (UTC)

Very close call

Man oh man!!! I had a close one last week!!! Not sure what to
do about it but let me fill you in dear diary.

I went to a late night happy hour with the group I hang
with. Well, when we closed out the bar, one of the ladies
asked me to go home with her to hang. I say to her "yeah
right". I told her that I'm a man and we both know what will
happen. She said it won't but I told her that I would get
too horny and I can tell that she wasn't going to say no.

Anyway, I walked her to her car and that's when she sort of
jumped me. lol. She hugged me and starting telling me how
handsome I was and how nice I am and blah blah blah.

I told her she may have had too many to drink so she should
just go home and sleep it off. All night long at the bar,
she was playing footsies. She took of her sandals and put it
on my legs for her to rub. I played along and rubbed her
legs. She made an expression like she was going to cum right
there so I stopped. Then she went and moved her foot and put
it in my crotch area.

Anyway, when we made it outside to her car, that's when she
was all over me. She said to kiss her. She was actually
panting and moaning while we spoke. I don't know of any
woman that was more in the mood than that moment. She
grabbed my cock from the outside. I teased her a little and
ran my fingers at the top of her shorts/panties. Got my
finger around her panty. Close but no cigar you know? Well,
she thought her shorts was too tight so she helped pull the
front of her shorts down so I could get a better reach down
to her pussy.

I never got there. I'm sure she was soaking wet. We kissed
and I squeezed her butt but that was it. I think she may
have too much to drink so I told her to sleep it off and
that we shouldn't do anything that we may regret in the

Nothing weirder than that morning "walk of shame" as I get
up to leave her bedroom. Still, I was hard as a rock but I
felt I had to do that. If we did anything, it may make it
uncomfortable whenever the group went out.

I'm still not sure about her mental state so I don't want to
go from one psycho to another. It's still cool being
apprieciated and liked. At least I know I'm somewhat a
normal loving person. Ex killed that and I'm only now
getting my groove back.

I did tell my buddy about this. This is one of the few rare
times I said no to sex with a woman. haha..

That's all I got for now. Gotta work tomorrow. I just got
through evil texting my ex.She is still pretending to love
me while she sleeps at the other guy's house. Whata fucking
psycho bitch. Sigh..

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