My life
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2010-08-15 16:11:08 (UTC)

Happy independence day to all...

Hwevr i did d usual
mrning shft 2 day bt u
can find happiness in
small thngs of lyf.
Dat's wat i've startd
doing as i cmplete d
4th day of quittin..
I'm totally out of any
foreign object
cntrollin my body nw.
It really feels gud.

Frm nowhr, all my past
frnds hv startd calling
bk, it includes samar,
abhinav, ritesh nd
It really feels so gud
being in touch wid old
Hwevr, theres a lot to
discuss abt 15th aug..
Kites in d skyy....

Well it's relatd to
maggie! Jst 2 yr b4 i
hd a great fight with
her due to a sheer
misund'stng.. As a
result i wastd six mnth
in nt talking 2 hr at
all.. Bt thngs workd
out later.. I knw she
stil hsn't forgtn me 4
dat day, bt i've did
all psbl thngs 2 mk our
reltn betr.. Bt if dat
day wud hv' bn nrml,
sayad aaj hamara reltn
kahin aur hi hota..
Serisously sory yar i
knw, i've hurtd u a
lot, bt no mattr watevr
it'l take, l alwz be
dere 4 u.. It's been a
long tym 2 hear frm
her.. M misin her a lot
2day, bt aaj to mai
bilkul b cal nai kr
skta. I dn't want dat
she l remb'r a bit of
wat evr hpnnd 2day..

Bt ups nd down are part
of life.. There r n no.
Of joyfull memories as
well amng us.. Bt one
thng is 4 sure.. My
love will neva gonna
change 4 her.. It's nt
lyk i hvn't tried to...

I entrd into a cmmitmnt
wid a gal name bharti..
Thngs wur going grt
both emsnly nd
physically.. I've talkd
wid hr on evry pssbl
topic on earth.. V use
2 chat for 7hr
evrynight.. I ws pretty
sure dat i've forgtn
maggie nd found d love
of my lyf.. Bt
eventually thngs turnd
out on 31st of may'10.
Dat day i ws cmpltly
high, nd i dnt knw y bt
i jst txt magie dat i
luv u stil nd cn neva
4gt u...
Nxt mrng i realised dat
katy u cn neva 4gt hr..
So i calld up bharti nd
broke up wid her.. Cz
jb tk mere dil mai woh
jagah khali nai hogi,
wahan koi aur kaise aa
skti hai. It's nt abt
bharti, it l hpn wid
any gal i try 2 gt
Dats y sum tym u jst
sit nd b optimistic.. I
knw magie vl neva say
yes..cz she hs hr own
restrctn.. Bt i l wait
till d day she'l gt
cmmitd or marry sm1. Cz
yar tb tk to umeed hai
na ek.. Aur kya pta
future kisne dekha
hai.. Bhale hi usne
haan na kahi ho. Bt
usne kabi naa b to nai
kha, na kisi aur ko

Sm ppl say dat it's jst
anthr trick of hr so
dat i kp on followin
hr.. Bt i got only 2
words 2 say 2 sch ppl
'fck off'.

Bt bhale he kabi woh
haan na kahe, bt is
umeed mai b alag si
bekarari hai. It's btr
b 2 optimistc den 2
wake up by shattering

Oh god, at least kabi
to woh din le ana..
Mai thak chuka hun
koshish krke.. Kisi k
patthr dil ko peeghlne
mai kitna tym lg skta
hai.. Yar 3 saal bhut
hote hai.. Chlo bt
beggars r nt chooser,
ab wait krne k elawa
aur koi option b to nai
hai.. Kisi aur ladki ki
zindgi b to waste nai
kr skta. I knw, mjhe
pehle to lgega k haan
mjhe pyar ho gya hai
uss se bt later on,
mere dil mei bs magi hi
rahegi.. Fir break up
krna padega..
Pyar ye... Jaane kaisa

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