2010-08-15 14:29:44 (UTC)

Morning.... Last Night. I Had Some GREAT SEX!!!!!!!!

Well "S" came by last night...The sex was fucking awesome. I
mean I was cumming left and right. It's like he knows my
body so damn well, that and My body is super sensitive
mmmmmmmmm. Yea just talking to him on the phone and my
panties starts to get wet. It is like a conditioned
response. I want this man so much for my Own...He ate me up
last night, like a hungry wolf his eyes pierced through me
as he kept on devouring me over and over again. His cock wow
it is beautiful...I am huge on oral sex almost came last
night from sucking and licking his big hard cock. I mean
EVERYTIME we are intimate, it gets better and better..is
that even possible wtf. I mean I never knew that sex can be
so damn enjoyable. I know it is not just about the sex that
is a definite bonus, but what they say about making love to
the one you love makes those moments even better. I have no
doubt about that saying now. I am so in love with "S". But
He would never know. Taking this shit day by day
arghhhhhhhh, fucking pain in the ass...but I will hold out
and stick to that. Anyway *grins* woke up walking funny as
hell lmao...Gravity is not my pussy's best friend right now.
Hell he pounded in me good last night rofl. MMMM No
complaints though..I was hoping he got a little rougher, he
smacked my ass and yanked on my hair talk about instant
pleasure coursing through you. That was hawt. Hell let me
stop talking about it, getting all fucking worked up
again...Will probably be back later...