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2010-08-15 13:47:40 (UTC)

A suprising Night

Hey Diary,

Last night was a wonderful surprise. Terry asked me out for
Dinner. Took me to a little theme place to eat. Had some
cool things on the walls. He ordered our dinner. Really good
Chicken fried steak. He was right when he said it was one of
the best i would ever have. We talked for a long time. he
tired so hard not to not talk of the other girls in his life
I loved it. I got to hear things about him and not feel he
was trying to compare me to everyone else. He then asked if
I wanted to go to Karaoke night and hear him sing. If was a
lot of fun he has a good voice. He even got me to sing one
song fun but it is a lot different then singing at home or
at church. There I have the music sheets to tell me how the
pitches go. He got me a Teddy bear one of my favorite thing.
Then when we went to leave he started kissing me and playing
with me it drove me insane. Dennis could only satisfy one
area of me at a time Terry did several areas at the same
time. It was the most orgasmic experience that I have ever
had. And even when I as at the peak of it he kept going
pushing me to a new height. I really wanted to co-laps in
his arms and stay there. This could work out this time. I
have grown and so has he in the past few years and with him
I could do the things I want and like to do that I could
never do before. We will have to see were this goes. I just
dont want to lose him as a friend. But the best lover for
life is said to be your best friend. Still not sure how to
make a go of this with us 3 hours away from each other. Well
I had better go for now talk to you later.


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