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2010-08-14 16:49:32 (UTC)


Well Just got out of the shower. My lover called he will be
coming by, and it is like I won the damn lotto...This
man...has engulfed all of my thoughts, the very core of me.
I am wondering if it is to late to reign in these feelings
that threatens to eat me. I feel like I am slowly being
devoured...This man has no clue...how he affects me so. I
wonder what he would say of he knew...I wonder how he would
react if he saw what was on my mind and in my
heart...ARGHHHHHH I just want to some kind of answers I am
drawing blanks....just these ???????? just so many of them.
At least I do have this as an outlet to vent. This morning I
got in my email about someone here that wrote to me.. I was
like shit lmao. I was so damn scared to even read the
message..I was thinking the worse, and it turned out not to
be so bad..it actually made me laugh *smiles* so yea now
that my message virginity on this site was taken away by
someone sweet, I won't be so scared to read the messages. I
know there might be nasty ones nice ones and so on blah blah
blah anyway it is all good...feed back is not such a bad
thing *grins* sometimes lol anyway YOU KNOW I will be back
after hmmmm we should give him a name huh.... ok forget name
we will call him "S" yea so today should be pretty eventful...