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2010-08-14 11:32:14 (UTC)

Not Sure what title topic today lol

So last night I got a phone call from him, it made my stupid
ass so damn giddy. Well he called to..get this..let me know
his wife will be using his phone, her's broke. So he told me
not to send any weird text messages *laughs* and that he
will "call" me. Ok I understand and no worries. Well my
ditzy self saw a text came through and yes I responded back
with something silly no sexting here *grins* and then a few
seconds later I was like SHIT what if it was his wife so yea
I sent another text asking "him" why are you texting me
LMAO!!!!!! Still waiting on a reply from last night. Yea so
could not sleep last night talk about paranoia kicking in. I
was actually hoping he did not get caught. Because I
personally am not into drama and damn I would feel lower
than scum if it came out that I was the cause of a break up
divorce and so on *cringes*. There is some guilt BUT deep
down I do hope that..........never mind let's not go there
huh. Woke up early this morning PISSED...I am off today and
I got up early arghhhh. I might try to go back to sleep
after I finish up here. The house is already cleaned, did
that last night so I can try to relax somewhat today. I am
Bored. I should try and get back into one of my online games
again lol. Yea I played WoW (still have that account it is
old as fuck) and second life (you can really loose yourself
there bwhahahaha) There both fun. But got bored of playing
them also and talk about fucking drama with people you have
not even met in RL lmao...I guess the online thing is easier
you can just walk he fuck away from that shit *grins* Hell
another Random ranting Session, maybe that is what the title
this morning should be :)~. Anyway Peace Out!!!!!!!!!!!!


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