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2010-08-14 04:20:09 (UTC)

depression me bein PISSED OFF

Im getting so disgusted with my body its sickening im not
getting any skinner nothing works ughh I just wana scream
I get fatter everyday ! It makes me sick to look at my
body no wonder y mikey cheated on me shit u no I would
cheat too if my man was as fat as I am its my fault he
cheated if I had a nice ass body and dressed nicer he
wouldnt have im so freakin ugly theres nothing I can do I
cant drive im not smart I don’t even no y kent even
accepted me the only thing good about me is my hair and
that’s about it I hate my self my body and my life mikey
fucked up my whole life we were suppose to be together
forever he was suppose to be my husband but instead he did
me dirty so damn dirty I didn’t even realize it cause im
so fuckin stupid he was sittin there fuckin some other
girl and I aint even notice ugh! I cant believe this shit
im sick of people telling me im not fat well im not
skinner either so wat am I cute boys don’t even look my
direction im so very lost I cant even look at another guy
with out thinking of mikey he was my first he was my
everything I did even thing for him and he ran around on
my I cant believe this shit my life fuckin sucks ugh! I
love to eat I wish I could stop

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