Miss Lost

Beautiful Disaster
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2010-08-14 03:02:40 (UTC)

High and on Bars

well I think im totally done with Steven. I need to be. I
mean damn he was listening to a song that said "a trick
pays for pussy but a g makes it rain" or something like
that and that made me realise he doesnt like anyhting
about me. He is a trick and i'm not going to be one of his
little toys and I guess I need to tell him that. I hope I
do end up telling him that. For some reason I feel like
i'm going to get caught up and not tell him.

Tommy texted me this morning and wanted to get drunk
tomorrow night and I was like ok so he went and bought the
liquor and brought it over here to save hassle in the
future. Well then he goes home and says he wants to come
back and get a bottle so then I filled him a bottle and
had it waiting outside in the freezer so that it would be
a get it and leave type situation u know? Then he comes up
and sits and we talked forever it felt like, (25 mins) and
he was like well shouldnt you being getting ready since
your going off with Steven and I was like yeah im about to
as soon as I go in and we stood up and he gave me a hug
and left. I only gave him a shoulder hug though. He was
sweaty and gross.

After all that I got ready and me and Steven road over to
Matt and Taylors and we sat over there and hit the gravity
bong a few times. I took some monster hits lol that thing
was sweet. I want to make one for me and my friends to
smoke out of It would be awesome! A cup and a bottle could
do it. Then we all went inside and sat for a few minutes.
After that we decided to ride over to Justins and chill so
we all rode over there. everyone else was having fun but I
wasnt exactly feeling the best.

SIDE NOTE: Taylor tottaly hates me and I know it. I dont
understand why but ever since me and Robbie broke up she
has had a problem with me but actually she said the
problem was before me and Robbie broke up. I don't really
know. I know Robbie told her some things but im not sure
what things. He will lie to get anyone to hate me because
I didnt stay with him.

Then I asked Steven if he would take me home because I
just wanted to be away from all of it and be here at home
with myself. I mean it would have been fun if I was out
and chillin with friends and we all felt good and there
were no "i hate her" type vibes you know? Thats deff not
the place for any good vibes right now. So then Steven
dropped me off at home and gave me a kiss goodbye and
everything. I think he is playing me so NO MORE STEVEN. I
know I will give in though... He wants me to call him
before I go to sleep haha better do that now even tho I
will stay up all night.

Shopping 2moro! I get $250.00 to blow on new shoes and
shorts for gym class. I'm going to put up $40.00 to get my
nails done and the rest I can hopefully buy a new
Hollister outfit :) Steven said he would take me but I
think im going to just get kim to go with me. I think
thats the best thing to do. well write more next time i
think to. Friday AUGUST 13TH 11:02PM

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