cryptic gurl
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2010-08-13 13:21:06 (UTC)

a story I'm starting

wow haven't written in a long time "sigh" what can i do... so much to do so little

When I feel lonely, hurt, bored or just want to escape this world i pick up i book
and lose myself in it... but what's even better is writing my own story... i get so
caught up that when i look up I'm shocked at how much time went by or that my
characters aren't real... I live in my stories...

I take the steps y heroine takes... I suffocate when a character is drowning... and
i cry when she gets her heart broken...

Though i haven't written a story in a while and I probably am kind of rusty... But
i have decided to start writing again... I need to get all these weird magical and
fantastical thoughts out of my head and put them to uses in a good story :D

I think I'm going to write about vampires and magic... I just have so many ideas
in my head that i just want to print out... I might post some on here (though no
one has ever read any of my stories)

I'm no professional so don't judge too harshly (that is if anyone has the stomach
to read my stuff :P)

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