2010-08-13 03:59:30 (UTC)

aug 12th

Good day today actually, except when we started talking about sytycd and
our relationship status...it's getting really old, being single and lonely. Then
there is jordan..one word can describe her feelings.obsessed. I am happy she
found someone she cares so deeply about and I can relate with my feelings for
other people, but I just don't understand why she can't move on and it's not fun
hanging out with a person who is constantly sad. I wish I could help.
The topic of sytycd brought me back to the questions about my future.
Dance in college or study something meaningful and useful. Kent from sytycd
is totally going to be on broadway. I just wish I could believe I was good
enough to bother trying. That's why I like Mr. Chris so much, he has done
everything he has wanted to do and is just all around awesome. I'm so jealous.
I tried really hard today to reach out to the more "popular" crowd at school
and offer my grill for tailgating...they already had one :( but I am pumped for
the game tomorrow anyways :D I really hope I see some people I haven't seen
in a while and I hope a certain person acknowledges me. I am so moving on
from that because it is beyond obvious it's not meant to be. I wish god could
just freaking decide who I'm supposed to be with right now and help me make
it happen.
Well I hope all that shit works out OK.

Pumped for the meteor shower tonight! :D
Glad to be with friends who are like me (jordan.brooke.caroline)