2010-08-12 23:55:45 (UTC)

Love and Hurt

Today I realised that I really don't have a crush on anyone
for once in my life.

I then turned on my laptop and went online. I saw this
certain person on my screen..My heart skipped a beat.

Inside I know I still love him but I don't admit it to

He hurt me...I started seeing him and I then thought to
myself.. I am always the one who makes things work by going
to meet them and arranging things so we can spend time

But then I layed in bed one night and thought to myself...

I came to the conclusion that I am going to take a back seat
from all of this and let him come to me and talk to me first
and actually show interest in wanting to be with me..

I waited
And waited
I waited for 4 weeks...

I gave in..I was hurt..Badly...I had to talk to him..So I

Either he didn't seem interested or I was too angry that I
didn't take notice of anything.

During them 4 weeks I went into depression..Really bad
depression..I didn't go out at all for the whole 4 weeks. I
would just sit on my laptop looking at his Facebook to see
what he has been doing. I looked..It was as though I never

What did I do to deserve this...?

And Every time I see him, look at him, think about him my
heart goes crazy..

I know probably I shouldn't like him for what he did to me
but it still hurts. Lots.

I love him so much...I love you DiscoverDan..! More than you
will ever know! 33