My life
2010-08-12 16:34:49 (UTC)

2nd day of quittin

Today it's second day
of quitin smking.. M
feeling mch better.. I
dnt knw frm whr dis
strength came frm bt i
dint feel 2 smoke evn
once 2day.. The changes
i've observed are
there is lost of
positive vibes cming in.
My mood is cheerable.
I've startd arranging
my belongings and my
Starting evry thng in a
new way.
My pocket feel heavier
then bfore.
None of my freind ran
away aftr hearing.
M bcming mre of
spritual nd family type
of guy.
My stomach is paining
all tym high.
Sleep is disturbed

howevr i knw dis is the
tym wen i quit 4 d
final tym..

Paul thanx a lot to u..
U gave me all tym high
motivation, it's nt
anu, bt the thougt dat
l get closer 2 u by
doin so. U hv insistd
me 2 quit mre then any1
else, mre then my
chamiya wud evr hv
Bt l tell u abt my
quittin aftr cmpletion
of 1 week.. Love u yar.

Baki maggie to pta nai
kyu itni naraj hai? na
cal bk krti na reply!
Bt i knw woh t3 mei
busy hogi.. Na bhi ho
den wat, mai to pagal
hun hi, i cnt gt hr out
of my mind..

Hw diffrnt love is, in
no hope m loving her
uncnditionaly. I knw
she'l do arng marriage
one day, bt stil,
smtyms it's btr 2 be in
hope den 2 accpt the
truth.. Or yeh to meri
hi prblm hai k i like
her so mch, ek din khtm
ho hi jayegi.. I knw
one day al dis wil fall
2 pieces bt til dat day
i don't want to wake

Yar m really sory 4 all
d moments i've evr
doubt u, hurtd u nd let
u suffr.. And i feel
very helpless regd no
mattr hw hard i try
it's all in vain...
Roz sochta hun aisa kya
bolu, ya aisa kya kru k
tu maan jaye..

Tu kabi haan nai karegi

U knw i left drinkin
jst bcoz of u.. Cz
evrytym i gt high i
hurt u smhw, bt kya
Den i found only dis
option.. I quit smkin
bcz i ws sch a fool, hw
cn i be a dude.. Or
healthy prsn so that u
r nt ashamed of me
caling me as ur

Pyar tmhe kitna krte
hai, tm ye smjh nai
paaoge, jb hum na honge
to, bolo kya tb
Luv u..

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