2010-08-12 03:54:34 (UTC)

Handbags On The Way Home

These days, handbags are fashion statements. Besides your
worn apparel that often mirrors who you are, stronga
74.html"discount Prada bags/a/strong are used to
express individuality, moods, status and personal style.But
other than fashion, women's handbags also make effective
"holders" of their valued personal effects.
Therefore, as your handbags should be stylish, it is
crucial that they reflect functionality and propriety as
well.Anxious on looking decently chic for that job
interview? Pick a functional bag or purse which is useful
for storage for cell phones, pens and keys besides of
course that preppy make-up kit. This is where smaller bags
with pockets on the inside can work. Make sure everything
is arranged and looks organized. Avoid jamming up
everything in the handbag and looking like you're digging
up your business card from a huge pile. Handbag closures
like Velcro, zippers and magnetic flaps can prove essential
to avoid the risk of your stuff falling out.A stronga
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you can opt to use one with enough space for your resume
without compromising style and comfort, of course. Remember
though, that the bag you are carrying creates the illusion
of adding or lessening your body weight! It's also wise to
incorporate color coordination between your handbag and
your attire or shoes. Talk about no-nonsense style!Experts
suggest using a leather handbag as it is most appropriate
for a job interview. In the corporate world where formality
should be considered, handbags made of cotton and nylon may
be too casual. Neatness is priority; your handbags, not
just those for the interview, should be spotless at all
times!Hired? Perfectly fitting for office work is an over-
the-shoulder and ergonomically styled leather briefcase or
handbag that offers comfort when carried.stronga
74.html"Replica Prada handbags/a/strong avow that for
handbags or briefcases for the office, purchasing one that
is bigger than what you need works. Find one with
compartments that can be expanded where a cell phone,
laptop and file folders should be stored. For extra items,
storage in the outside part of the bag can come in handy!Go
for briefcases that are light to carry around, like micro
fiber and canvas which are just as gorgeous. Durable and
weatherproof handbags and briefcases can work well too!With
that interview and business work done, it is time to
celebrate! Evening bags for a party or dinner should be
complementary with your evening look. Think black, lacy
dress with a perfectly matching tiny purse beaded with
satin or lace-trimmed, jewel-encrusted, or made in silk,
crochet, beaded, satin, velvet or sequins. A little
patience to mix and match can dress you to the nines, at
par with the glamorous Hollywood stars!When you travel, the
priority shifts to safety. Never compromise the vital safe
keeping of your money, keys and travel documents. Ensure
that the handbag has straps, buttons or zippered closures
for security purposes.