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2010-08-12 03:43:58 (UTC)

Gucci Releases Own To Be G Handbags Line

The grandsons of Gucci founder Guccio Gucci are preparing
to release their own stronga
68.html"cheap Gucci handbags/a/strong, To Be G.
"We are not doing this because our name is Gucci, nor
do we want to replicate what the Gucci brand is doing. We
have our own vision," insists Guccio, who's the
designing drive behind the brand's collection.Their Gucci
bags may be new, but Guccio is not a newcomer to the
business. He worked with his father Giorgio on the GiorgioG
handbags collection and ran one of Italy's main leather
manufacturing centres. To Be stronga
68.html"Replica Gucci handbags/a/strong are crafted
from patent, cracked, woven, and buttery-soft leathers.
Each displays the brand's signature lily motif, a welcome
change from the obnoxious signature prints and gaudy
nameplates so many brands use.If this photo is any
indication, the next generation of Gucci may just give the
established fashion house a run for its money.

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