Too basic for all you bitches
2010-08-12 03:14:05 (UTC)

Help! What should I do?

Ok, so I just recently started school, and everything has
been going smoothely, except for one thing. There is this
EXTREAMELY cute guy in my homeroom, and my teacher made
the right decision of having him sit next to me. So first
day of school, he is automatically in the popular crowd.
Not because he's cooool, but because he's cute, and the
most popular girl at school likes him. I'm like "damn!
first day here and he's already popular!" Anywho,
yesterday, i had just foung out my crush from last year,
had just came back to school. I thought he was moving,
because he lives in my neighborhood, and i didn't see him
during the summer. So, I nearly had a collision with his
shoulder and my face. I luckily moved and i spared my
beautious face (j/k) :) I realized that as soon as I saw
him, an old flame bubbled up inside of me. So now I'm
fudging confused about what to do with my life. So, that's
all for now, and i'll get back to you and write down the
deets of tomorrows mystery of my life :)

Love, and Rockets
P.S.(i stole my signature from Pretty Little Liars.
Instead of A, i'm G! Lol:P)

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