The Journal of a Privleged Kid
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2010-08-11 13:02:08 (UTC)


Today is going to be my very first day of high school, and
it sucks all my friends are going to one school and im
going to another. Its ok though beceuse my sister is going
to the same school as my and so are a couple of friends so
no matter what my freshman year will be the best year
ever! I am very upset that im going to a difrent school
but so excited about being in high school. I have no idea
what my classes are since i just found out that i was
going to wthis school. I woke up early so i could do my
hair and chill my nerves with writing before i had to go
to school. Im happy at times like this that my family has
moeny to spare. This way i can get a lunch at school from
the snack bar thing. If your wonder how i look ill tell
you, I have dark brown hair thats almost blck. My eyes are
brown and im 5'8 im only forteen as of write now. I
straiten my hair witch isnt that long since i cut it once
a month. I wonder how the kids at the new school will
look. Ok well thats what i have to say so goodbye and see
ya time soon i calmed my nerves.