Teenage life
2010-08-11 12:59:15 (UTC)

high school

so it the morning before my very 1st day at high school.
so ive listen to that taylor swift song over
927489237148971289472937489237489239 times this morning.
lol. yeah. ummm. im like SO nervous! this is one of the
biggest high school in alabama, well and yeah i dont have
a clue where ANY of my classes are! the only thing that is
keeping me calm is that i have volleyball 1st period. so
yeah lets say thats my comfort place. lol. weird comfort
place right? so i woke up EXTRA early today to be
prepared. and well. i have like an hour let till im picked
up! lol. well i think i might just go ahead and get off
before talking about high school gives me a panick attack!
welll... yeah..... ummm...