2010-08-11 04:01:57 (UTC)

Everyone wants Prada bags 2010

Prada was founded in the year 1910 by Gabrielle Bonheur
"coco" Prada. She came up with unique collections
which became her signature wears in 1925-26. Coco Prada
believed in going back to basics and introduced class,
elegance and originality. stronga
74.html"Prada bags 2010/a/strong have a quilting
technique that is used to sew at the back to keep the
material strong. Prada’s introduced her first
designer handbag in the year 1955, it was a quilted bag
that had a long strap to be hung on the shoulders; this bag
is known to have shook the fashion world. stronga
74.html"Replica Prada handbags/a/strong were so much
in vogue that she had to decline many offers from the
costumers due to lack of time. When stronga
74.html"discount Prada bags/a/strong and other
accessories were courted by elite socialites like Diane
Boulting, it became a trend amongst the upper class
Europeans. In 1957 she was awarded "The Fashion
Oscar" for her exclusive spring collections. It is now
headed by designer Karl Lagerfeld.  Owning a Prada
handbag is definitely a status symbol, it symbolizes
elegance and beauty. Coco Prada believed in fashion that
made one feel comfortable and confident, she once quoted
"Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not
luxury". The Prada materials are made of high quality
sheep skins, first class leathers, shiny handles that
don’t lose its lusture easily, the sewing techniques
are the best available ones. The Prada bags 2010 that are
currently in vogue are Prada Classic Flap in Alligator,
Prada Maxi handbags, Prada Union Jack Quilted handbag,
Prada Grand Shopping Tote in white, Prada Timeless CC
Sachel, Prada Rodeo Drive hobo in white.  stronga
74.html"cheap Prada handbags/a/strong have gained very
good market value internationally, recently English model
Agyness Deyn was spotted using a Prada handbag, Prada
accessories and dress at a Prada boutique. She was carrying
a Prada Union Jack quilted handbag.