crappy life
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2010-08-11 01:03:31 (UTC)

just got intresting..._

i was so full of emotion today...that i was unable
to contain it...keeping your sexuality to your friends in
school is really hard...
on the first hand i was so piss of at because i got
no text or call to that my special friend(girl) that i
really ....really like... i was feeling used in a way...she
only text or call me when she feels alone...i really would
like her to be there and still text me even when she is not
i was not able to concentrate with the lessons in
class...and it piss me off i finally broke down...
my friend didn't understand why i was acting this way cause
i keep my sexuality a secret..finally i told my closet
friend..i finally told her about the girl that was making me
feel all this crazy emotions....the girl that makes me go
crazy....and i told her about my sexuality...she was shock
at first when i told her...but she didn't judge me and
promise me to keep my secret...she consider me as her friend
...and that is a good sign..right?she was just piss of
because i did not told her of my sexuality early on...she
said that had little faith in her to stay with me and still
be friends...i said i was sorry...and i was thankful for her
acceptance of i really am...

hay...i don't want to think about make me
go crazy girl...hay...and i thought guys were difficult....i
was so wrong.....girl are so much more...

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