How to spend given 90 days
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2010-08-10 17:19:20 (UTC)

Day15: One step ahead

Today, I received good news from that she finally got job,
and she will start working from next week.
I am really happy for her, I used to help her out in
practice for her job interviews. She now has got hired by
the entertainment company as she deeply wished.

I started preparation of the application for my chinese
school. Since I take private lesson, I thought I could
make more free study time schedule... but it seems not so
flexible... Well, continuously work on it and need to
complete as soon as possible.

In the evening, I took Yoga regular class.
I just needed to work out a bit.
I saw the mirror in the studio, and re-realized how fat my
arms are.
Well, well, I know I know... My fat arms!!!
I massaged myself also back home.
I want to have beautiful skinny arms soon!

Oh well, it's mid-summer, so some horror movies are on TV.
I dont feel like sleeping now.

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