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Beautiful Disaster
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2010-08-10 15:30:37 (UTC)

When I woke up

Well back at home. Feels good. Getting woke up to give my
grandma and aunt Kim a hug and kiss. They're on their way
to Wal-Mart. Haha fun fun. They asked me if I wanted
anything and of course I said No. I always do...

I feel like shit. I'm tired and I look a mess. I need a
shower and some attention!!! I'm Home back to living it up
but its 11:19 am wtf am I going to do??? Idk i'm crashing
until I think of something or Steven texts or calls me :)
or Tommy ugh I do not want to hang out with him. I will if
there is nothing else to fo though. Maybe I will go chill
with Joe today, im about to text him and ask him what he's
doing :) (my fat friend I call Milkshake because he last
year on the bus I convinced him to lift up his shirt and
push his boobs together and sing the my milkshake song my
kelis lol wayyy funny!) Maybe he will be up and I can go
swimming at his pool. I did go skinny dipping in it one
time. Then he told his hot friends and they wanted to
watch me skinny dip but I was like noooo. I was drunk the
first time I done it.

Robbie (the horrible ex) freaked the fuck out and punched
Jesse. Which Jesse didn't even do anything. Thats when I
gave him head. He was complaining about his jaw hurting
and I was like damnnnnn im sry! then he asked and I was
really fucked up on some kind of pill (idk what it was) so
I said yeah and done it. He came quick so it was ok. I
didn't let him cum in my mouth though. Totally sick. Only
my bf atm (at the moment) can do that.

Great Susan (the other aunt I live with) came in and asked
me to take the garbage to the road and clean up the messy
kitchen that I havent even had time to mess up. What a
wonderful day so far huh? Best go get started so I can
call up sum ppl and get into something I shouldn't. Write
later if my head is on straight enough to think about it

Tuesday August 10th 11:30am

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