My Journey
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2010-08-10 11:54:40 (UTC)

My Journey

So perhaps journaling, something I always have enjoyed, will help to hold me
accountable. My life needs some overhauling and I am starting with this
commitment to show my progress.

I am about to embark on a life changing journey. I am making a decision to quit
smoking and lose the extra 60 pounds I am dragging around at the same time. I
have had enough!!! September 2nd is my date to begin the healthier lifestyle. I
have many reasons I could blame for my self destructive behavior, but the
bottom line is I am the one who lights the cigarettes and puts the food in my
mouth. For the first time I am 100% committed to getting healthy.

I will post daily on my preparations, my plan, and my weight. I will share my
struggles and my successes. Maybe I will find others who can find motivation
with me or offer me support.

Tomorrow I will detail my plan. Until then I will continue with the mental

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