Teenage life
2010-08-10 09:11:35 (UTC)

do we always have to fall?

okay, so right now everything is close to perfect! me and
my bestfriend are as close as anything, my birthday is
soon, im about to be in high school, and my life is just
plain good! but it has to become bad at some point doesnt
it? i mean is it worse to sit here and wait for the bad to
come or not act like its going to come at all? i mean im
not saying i want it to be bad or anything but we all cant
be on top ALL of the time, right? i mean everything use to
be so crappy and now everything is just so wonderful! im
not complaining or anything like that its just its so
weird not having ANYTHING wrong? i mean my brother just
moved out, and yeah im going to miss him like CRAZY but
its not a bad thing he is only an hour away if i need him,
so its not that bad. And then im really nervous about
starting high school, and when i say really, i mean
REALLY, like no other, nervous but thats just apart of it
right? i dont know. all i know is that is 4:00 a.m. and im
still up one because i was talking to katie all night and
two because ive been thinking. so what a loser am i? im
sitting here on youtube listen to music that suppose to
make you fall asleep. HA. loser i told you(: but anyways
that question is been on my mind, do we always have to
fall from the top?