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2010-08-10 06:23:40 (UTC)

Carey Mulligan Goes Simply Elegant with Prada bags 2010

Carey Mulligan isn’t really the popular type of celebrity
that paparazzi love following around, but we can’t deny
just how great she looks, especially while in casuals. Take
for example this shot, where she’s spotted wearing a
combination of cropped skinny jeans and plaid shirt.While
there’s really nothing so new or totally fashionable about
her ensemble, the a href="
handbags-c-74.html"strongPrada bags 2010/strong/a
that she’s carrying manages to pull a sophisticatedly chic
and elegant look to her entirety. Well, I guess such a bag
is what you can call a must-have in every woman’s closet.
Not only is it chic, it is also large, very neutral, and
definitely luxurious. It may actually look plain, but you
know that that’s what makes it more versatile and elegant
looking.Such a a href="
handbags-c-74.html"strongPrada bag/strong/a can
surely transform every look and lift every simple casual
ensemble to statement luxe effortlessly. And so that leaves
me wondering what other designer bags does Carey Mulligan
have in her closet.