2010-08-10 06:04:01 (UTC)

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Shows Loyalty with Prada bag

Oh what perks does being the first lady of France bring…
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, a songwriter, singer and a former
model, was spotted with her husband President Nicolas
Sarkozy out in New York City carrying none other than a bag
from a French fashion designer.What other brands would look
better and more appropriate than those from their country,
eh? Isn’t it just perfect to see the first lady start such
loyalty? Well, yes it is and I guess even if they’re not
from France, still, she’d be able to carry such a
fashionable and luxurious handbag. The a
74.html"strongPrada handbag/strong/a she’s carrying
is the Prada bag, which is part of the brand’s fall 2010
collection.Her Prada bag is made from teak colored calfskin
leather, which you might probably find too plain and
simple; but examining it more closely would show that this
bag has all the luxe in the world. Well okay, I need not
exaggerate, but this bag is just so luxurious, indeed. It
looks timeless with its rather plain design and structured
shape, and I love how the seemingly upside-down wave effect
of the leather flaps is done and it actually brings subtle
design to this entire bag. Interesting enough, this also
comes with a spiked silver clasp that holds the brand’s
initials. Its handle also looks chic as it combines braided
leather with metal brackets.The Prada bag will arrive in
the markets starting August along with its various
versions, including black and a rosy petal colors, as well
as lizard, python, and croc. The small version of the a
74.html"strongPrada bag/strong/a will sell for
$2,200 and the medium version will go for $2,