2010-08-10 05:57:39 (UTC)

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I thought long and hard about the most practical way to
make my hardware portable, keep it separated, and give easy
access to whatever device I might need a stronga
68.html"Gucci bags 2010/a/strong. After looking around
at several stores, I found a camera case that had
adjustable dividers so I could partition everything and
keep things separate. It was durable and could take a
licking without damaging my stuff. It was small enough to
carry around easily and had zippered pouches and mesh
pockets to store stuff in.;And it looked really cool. I
ditched the carrying strap because that looked, well, too
purse-y. All I had to do was grab the handle and go! So
what was the problem? I didn't recognize it as a problem at
first. I just thought it was my male friends making lame
attempts at being witty. Danny, your a
68.html"strongGucci bags/strong/a is ringing, a
close friend once joked when my cell phone went off at his
home one evening. Nice man bag is a comment I hear
regularly.Or how about, Don't forget your purse! And then
there's, Good color choice. Black really goes with your
outfit! Trying to correct their misconception is, of
course, useless. The explanation goes over their heads. The
logo on the front of the case is clearly not something
you'd see on a purse or handbag, but they do care. Like
Beavis and Butthead, they rather giggle and chuckle and
point and say,Man bag. He said man bag. I have to wonder if
women went through this kind of good natured ribbing, as
one person put it, when they started wearing pants. So
anyway, does it bother me? It must, if I feel I have to
defend myself over it. Or maybe it's just that being the
analytical, logical type, I want to buy Chloe Handbags
don't jump to conclusions without all the facts. In any
case, it has made me take another look at what I use to
carry my stuff in, and consider possible alternatives. The
problem is I don't know that the alternatives make me feel
any more comfortable.