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2010-08-10 04:31:37 (UTC)

aug 9th/10th 2010

so idk why i am starting this..i guess i have a lot on my mind that i want to talk
about..but i dont know who to say it to..lets start out with my hair.
I got my hair cut today and I like it. It is only 3 or so inches shorter. This
apparently makes me look older, which is good considering I apparently get
mistaken for 15 and younger (JOY). This topic then leads to my current
torturing, no guys like me..at all. Which I have concluded is because I look so
young. My mom says I should be happy because when I am older I will look
younger than all my friends...still a good thing?
I just got back from New York. Absolutely loved it. I miss it and I am
pissed off to be home. I don't think I belong in GA but I do think I belong with
my friends and family; so as long as they are here, I suppose I will be too.
I yearn for fame. I don't know why it is so important to me considering I
am such a logical and practical thinker. I want it, but I don't consider myself
nearly talented enough to become what it takes. This makes me sad.
I can't believe I keep saying I. How selfish...well this is my diary. Anyways,
Shannon needs help. She needs friends at her new school and I want that for
her so badly. I worry about her but I know I shouldn't. She will be perfectly
perfect at school and with new people. I envy her in so many ways. She is
completely herself and everyone loves her. She is beyond talented and will
soon lead the life I want for myself.
I have more to say but I'm getting tired...hopefully this site has like an edit
button so i can continue later. if not. well. bye