Miss Lost

Beautiful Disaster
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2010-08-10 04:23:17 (UTC)

Kicked Out!!

Omg! I cannot fucking believe this. Dave hit Abbi? What a
fuckin bitch he is. I now have a passionate hate for Dave.
He should have never done that. And he kicked my ass out.
When he came in the room and said "Brittany you need to
get up and get out" I was like Damnnnnn. I was high as
hell too so I was kinda pissed off because believe me
thats a buzz kill. That's why I smoked up most of his weed
before I left :).

The whole reason I got kicked out is Because Abbi decided
to take a z to work and it fell out of her pocket and Dave
seen it so he got all pissed and flushed the whole
presciption down the toilet. Then he left and Abbi did
some coke then smoked some bud then took a z. I was
like "wow" I thought I was bad...... she has me beat by a

SO I don't know what Abbi is going to do because Dave
kicked her out and she has no where to go. I'm kind of
scared for her... hmmm.

Natalie and James came to pick me up and it was so
complicated trying to fit all of my bags into the car when
I had already asked if they're would be enough room for
all of my stuff and she said "yeah". I was smashed the
entire time! Anyway I don't think she is going to want to
hang out with me that much anymore James was saying to
Natalie "hey there pebbles" and Natalie was like "Pebbles
I thought I was Tinker Bell" and James was like "your not
better than Tinker Bell" then Natalie was like "what did
you say?" and James was like "Tinker Bell is green" and
she was like "yeah I would look cute in a little green
skirt" and she shot me a dirty look. Oh wonder why
Brittany?? That's right you have on a bright green shirt.
Awkward much.

Damn Brittany why does it feel like it always gets worse?
I don't know. Well maybe you should plan on finding out
soon? I suppose.... Tuesday August 10th 12:23am

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