Miss Lost

Beautiful Disaster
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2010-08-09 16:58:15 (UTC)

Phone Call

Oh my god I can't believe on the day that I take pills
from my aunt she calls and tells me where all of her pills
are and that I need to hide them for her. I was like "oh
shit" I'm just glad I decided to put everything back. Well
I did save myself one banana bar but we can just call that
a payment for covering her ass from Dave.

Its a rather boring day today which is why im writing so
much. Or maybe the truth is that I dont feel like I can
trust anyone close to me enough to talk to them about my
life so I just write about it and express me feelings so
it doesnt build up. I do feel like a new person since I
have been writing. I guess I should thank aunt Abbi for
that :) I would have never got on here if I wasn't staying
with her for a week. I wonder if I will still write when I
go home on Saturday? Guess we will find out.

I'm stressing over Natalie getting the job at subway. I
mean she is a good friend of mine but she can get money
when she needs it and I can't because i'm saving up for a
car. She already has a car. I guess when you fill out
applications together you should know your going to be
competitors for that job. I'm happy she got it and not
someone else though.

I have become a chain smoker since I came here. I have no
idea why. Maybe its Abbi and Dave giving me stressed vibes
constanlty. It's really just Dave. He's a smart ass about
everything. I try making conversation but he's usually so
zoned into the tv or the computer that he doesn't respond.
I did give him a hug for not making me pay back $100.00.
Abbi told me to.

I really want this car and Abbi keeps saying im going to
get it then saying im not going to get it. Which is it?
Damn. I hope she is just stressing me to surprise me and
not being serious. In a way I feel like she is because I
have no money in the bank and I have been saving long
enough to have 3g's and I only spent $500 at the mall plus
my check is coming in wednesday so im going to try to jsut
get 1 hollister outfit and be done shopping. Who are you
kidding Brittany??? Your going to walk in there and blow
the whole $400 and if not that then at least $250.

Hmmmm head hurting going to go to the back room. write
back when I feel lonely Monday August 9th 12:58pm