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2010-08-09 14:27:49 (UTC)

short depressive poems :)

im falling down,
not gonna make a sound,
gonna feel im flying,
until i hit the ground

found your picture today,
felt upset you could say,
didn't know what to do,
cause i just keep missing you

im sorry if im angry,
im sorry if thats wrong,
im sorry im not perfect,
but i just can't go on

i know you too well,
i know you've been crying,
defeat in your eyes,
i know you've stopped trying

try not to shed a tear,
keep blocking out your fear,
no one realises he hurts you,
but now you dunno what to do

through all my dreams,
my world fell apart at the seams,
leaving me lost and confused,
making me feel emotionally abused

let my blood flow,
so i never have to let go,
my emotions won't show,
that way no one will know

im screwing up my life,
shouldn't of been this way,
arguments, acohol, and a knife,
everything was gonna turn out okay

i no longer know what i gain,
when i inflict this self pain,
but now i can see,
this addiction has taken over me

i feel trapped in this town,
everyday feeling more down,
every night i silently shout,
i cannot find a single way out

i only wish you understood,
why those times meant so much to me,
even though i wish things could,
i don't think things could be like they used to be

i don't love you anymore,
never thought you'd lose my love this way,
now everythings falling apart,
and i don't know what to say

are you aware of how you make me feel?
like im invisable and unreal,
now i think why should i even care?
cause when i really need you, your never there

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