2010-08-09 10:54:16 (UTC)

9. 8. 2010, oh its shit to be back at school

well, today has been more then boring, its actually been
unbearable, its shit to be back at school, this holiday
almost made me forget what its like to be back at school,
and suddenly it just sunk in..
and the feeling was absoultly horrible and devestating, and
then came all the work i had to catch up and all my friends
wanting to know every detail of my trip, i swear i told the
same story 100000 billion kadrillion times!!

Dylan wasnt at school today, and i couldnt be happier, i
really couldnt deal with myself let alone his shit all the
same time, it all just ended in fights and me basically
ignoring me and right now all i can do is pretty much
repulse him, i feel nothing for the poor kid, ive fucked him
over the last few months and fucked his mind all at the same
time and i feel nothing but guilt, i guess having a
friendship for 3 years does end badly, i just cant handle it
any more, everything about him has repulsed me so much..
and my friends all say the same thing!
i just dont know what to do..

well my bestfriend is sleeping tonight, and its 9pm and shes
already fallin asleep on me, while listening to nice calm
john butler on repeat! fuck i love him deeply. and her
boyfriend wont stop messaging me on msn, bloody idiot!
my schooll day was fair good, only wrote one page of work, i
love getting sent out for stupid shit, such an inconvienece but.
well i guess i better go shower and get ready for another
unbelievably brutual day, tomorrow will be worse as dylan
will be there, but hopefully gloria jeans get my dam half
stregnth caramel latte right this time!!!