My Rants
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2010-08-09 03:55:56 (UTC)

Entry #1

Dear Diary,

Things are looking a bit grim around here. Concerning my
staying here, that is. Every day I feel more and more like
it's time to move on. Grow some new roots - if you will. It
almost feels like I don't belong here anymore.

I feel like I can't tell my parents anything - or ask for
anything. For Christ's sake, they didn't even get me a
birthday present! I know money's tight and everything but my
brother got one. Yes - I know I'm the oldest and everything,
but to not get anything? Not even the book or movie I'd been
looking at? I don't feel that's fair.

My grandmother has offered to let me come live with them -
work and go to school there. Oh how I wished she lived in
the English countryside. I won't push my luck wishing for
London. Anyway, I think I just might take her up on the
offer. It would do me some good to get away.

Would it be asking to much for her to buy me a laptop? I
feel it's necessary for me to have one. I'm involved with
getting a magazine up off the ground, editing and such. So
it's imperative that I have one. Plus, it would make it
easier to stay in touch with everyone - including her.

ttyl byeee.