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2010-08-08 21:49:51 (UTC)

Rules and rituals

Since my Dom and I do not live together, there are many
rituals he has me perform on a daily basis to remind me of
my place as a submissive. There are also a host of rules I
am required to obey or risk severe punishment. Of course,
I am required to confess any infraction to my Dom so that
he can administer my earned punishments as needed.

My Dom is still unhappy with my weight and constantly
reminds me what a fat pig I am. He hopes these reminders
will aid me in my efforts to lose weight. It is in this
spirit that he devised my dining alone ritual. All meals
eaten alone in my house must be done in accordance with
these guidelines – usually breakfast and dinner on Monday
through Friday, and most meals on the weekends. Whatever
food I choose to prepare for myself must be served in a dog
bowl. Before I eat I must strip naked and put on my rubber
pig-nose. My dog bowl must be placed on the floor in front
of a full-length mirror. I must east on my hands and knees
using only my mouth, like a dog. I must constantly look at
myself in the mirror so I can see what a pig I am. After I
finish eating, I must remain on my hands and knees, naked
with my pig-nose on and looking at myself in the mirror
while oinking like a pig for a full 5 minutes. Hopefully
this ritual of seeing my fat body, pig nose, and oinking
will encourage me to eat less and be less of a pig.

My Dom also devised morning and night time rituals for me
so that the first thing I think about in the morning and
the last thing I think about at night are my submissive
need for pain and humiliation.
As soon as I awake in the morning, before I even get out of
bed, I must immediately put my clover clamps on my
nipples. I must wear them while using the bathroom,
brushing my teeth, feeding my cat, and preparing my lunch
for the day. I cannot remove them until I have completed
these tasks and am ready to get into the shower. The
clamps are very painful and the moving around just
contributes to the pain.
When I get ready for bed I must first bend over and give
myself a spanking. I must use my hairbrush to spank each
ass cheek 20 hard times. I must do it as hard as my Dom
would if he were there. I must then go stand in a corner
with my hands on my head for 10 minutes. While facing the
corner, I must loudly recite “I am a pathetic pig-slut and
I like to be hurt and humiliated” over and over again.
When this is done, I have to go directly to bed.

In addition to these rituals, my Dom has given me rules to
follow. He will also sometimes email or text me in the
morning with new rules to be followed that day or extra
tasks to perform. My usual daily rules are:
1. Consume no more than 1200 calories.
2. Exercise for at least 45 minutes.
3. Respond to all calls/emails/text messages from my Dom
within 15 minutes.
4. Wear my collar at all times when home.
5. Keep my house neat and clean.
6. No masturbation without permission.
7. No drinking alcohol without permission.
8. Always address my Dom as “Sir” when speaking to him
regardless of who else is around unless specifically told
My Dom does not have strict speech or eye contract
restrictions for me, but ill sometimes impose them for
periods of time. My Dom does not dictate how I dress on a
daily basis but will tell me how to dress when getting
together with him. Because he has not set may daily rules
for me, he is not very flexible on the ones he has and no
excuses are tolerated.

Today is Saturday and I’m getting together with my Dom. I
am nervous because I had a bad week and I broke several
rules. 1. On Tuesday I unexpectedly had dinner with some
friends and ended up eating well over my 1200 calorie
allowance. 2. On Thursday I was very late responding to an
email from my Dom. I was in a meeting with my boss at the
time, but not excuses are allowed. 3. Friday I neglected
to call my Dom “Sir” when speaking to him over the phone
because a co-worker was standing next to me and I didn’t
want to have to explain. I will be punished for all of
these infractions today.

I awoke to an email detailing special instructions for the
day. I read the email while wearing my painful nipple
1. You are not allowed to speak at all today except when
spoken to and only by Me.
2. You are not allowed to make eye-contact with anyone
today; eyes and head must be down at all times.
3. You will dress in big ugly granny-panties, no bra, a
very big sweatshirt, jeans, socks and sneakers. You may
not wear any makeup, jewelry, or put any styling products
in your hair.
4. You will walk slightly behind Me at all times, open all
doors for Me, and you may not sit until after I am seated
and give you permission to sit.
Be here at 10am sharp.

I eat breakfast in accordance with my normal eating
ritual. I shower and dress as instructed. I hate the way
I look without makeup and the unflattering clothes make me
feel even worse. I assume that’s the point. I feel ugly.

I drive to my Dom’s house and knock on the door, keeping my
eyes and head down. He does not invite me in but steps
onto the porch with me. “We are going out today. Since
you broke so many rules this week, you haven’t earned the
right to look nice or be treated like a lady. Now let’s
go.” He walks to his car and I say nothing while following
him. He hits the button to unlock the car and I walk to
the passenger side.
“Aren’t you forgetting something?”
I hesitate. Oh shit, open all doors! I run around to the
driver’s side and open the car door for him. He does get
in. “Lift your head up but keep your eyes down.” I obey.
SLAP! He slaps me hard across the face. “You better not
forget any more rules today or you are going to have a long
session with my cane later.” SLAP! A second hard slap
across my face. “Understand, slut?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Go get in the fucking car.” I obey.

Soon we arrive at the mall. I’m not told why we went
there. I jump out of the car and run around to open my
Dom’s door. I walk behind him to the mall entrance and run
up to open that door for him too. He ignores me as we walk
around. I remember to keep my head and eyes down as I walk
a step behind him. I feel like everyone can tell I’m just
a lowly submissive. My Dom makes a couple of purchases and
hands me his bags to carry. I remember to open all doors
for him. I’m being treated like a servant, but I suppose I
deserve it.

Eventually he decides to stop for lunch. We walk into the
restaurant and are directed to a table. I wait for my Dom
to sit. I then wait for him to let me sit down, but he
doesn’t. For what feels like an eternity he ignores me,
leaving me standing next to the table with people staring
at me wondering why I’m still standing there. I can feel
my face turning red with embarrassment. Finally I hear him
say “sit” and I quickly do. The waitress comes over to
take our order. I keep my eyes down even though I can tell
she’s looking at me. I feel like I’m being rude and it
feels very awkward as I continue holding my head down and
saying nothing. My Dom responds to her, “I will have a
burger, fries, and a milkshake. She can have water and a
mixed greens salad with no dressing.” Yuck.
The waitress leaves. “Sit up straight, keep your back off
the back of booth, and don’t slouch. Put your hands flat
on the top of the table and spread your legs as wide as
possible.” I obey and immediately feel even more awkward
and like everyone is staring at me. My Dom picks up a
newspaper and reads while waiting for our food. I sit in
the instructed position staring down at the table. I am so
The waitress brings our food and my Dom starts eating. I’m
not sure if I can or not so I err on the side of caution
and remain in position. After several bites of his burger,
he tells me to eat. I do. My dry salad is not very
appetizing. “Enjoying your lunch?”
“No Sir.”
“Too bad. Maybe if you had exercised some self control and
ordered this when out with your friends on Tuesday you
wouldn’t have to eat it now. Instead you ate like a cow
and totally disregarded my rules. Isn’t that right?”
He is speaking loud enough for the people around us to hear
and my humiliation is growing. I’m a grown woman being
scolded like a child and I hate it. “Yes Sir.”
“You may think it’s unfair that I get to eat this delicious
meal that would never fit into your diet, but I’m not a fat
pig, am i?”
“No Sir.” He makes me finish every scrap of lettuce on my

Eventually we finish lunch and return to do more shopping.
We go into a pet supply store. My Dom does not own any
animals. I follow him to the doggy toy section. He picks
up several dog chew toys and asks me how I like them. A
saleswoman walks over and asks if he needs
assistance. “Why yes, I’m looking for a good chew toy for
my little bitch. Any suggestions?”
The saleswoman isn’t sure how to react to his comment. She
looks at me holding his bags and staring at the
ground. “Well, the rubber toys are good for keeping your
dog occupied. But the bones over here are good for your
dog’s teeth.”
“Really?” He picks one up. It’s about 8 inches long. He
smells it. “It smells awful.”
“Yes. But dogs love the taste of it.”
“Perfect, we’ll give it a try.” He buys the bone and hands
the bag to me to carry. Finally our shopping trip is done
and we return to the car. I open the door for him. He
instructs me to put the packages in the trunk, except for
the one from the pet store. I get in the car with that bag.
“Take out your new bone, bitch.” I do. “Open wide.” I
open my mouth and he shoves the bone in. It sticks out
from either side of my mouth. “You will keep this in your
mouth for the entire ride home. You’ll have to suck it as
needed to keep from drooling in my car. Too bad for you it
tastes as bad as it smells.” It does. He drives slowly
home so that people can see in the car and see me sucking
on a dog bone.

Finally we arrive back at his house. I carry his packages
up to the front door for him. I open the door and he
enters. Not done humiliating me yet, he orders me to
remain standing on the front porch, bone in my mouth, and
holding his packages with my arms extended straight out the
sides. He orders me not to move and closes the door in my
face. He leaves me out there for about 10 minutes to
suffer the humiliation. I am near tears when he finally
opens the door and allows me inside.
Once inside, he immediately grabs me by my hair and shoves
me face-first to the floor. He steps on my hair, holding
my head to the ground. He orders me to pull my pants
down. It’s hard to maneuver in this position, but
eventually I manage to get my jeans down. In this
vulnerable position he begins his lecture. “How dare you
break 3 of my rules this week, you stupid bitch! You only
have 8 rules to follow; how hard can that really fucking
be? You agreed to the rules. In fact, you asked for
them. How dare you disrespect me by breaking them? Your
punishment is nowhere near over. You may think it’s your
big fat ass that is going to pay today. You’re wrong. You
enjoy your ass being spanked way too much. No. Instead I
think I’m going to work on some more sensitive and less
arousing areas of your fat body.”
He has me crawl over to his sofa. He has me remove my
jeans entirely. My ugly granny-panties remain on. I am
bent over the back of the sofa. “Wow, those ugly panties
really emphasize your fat ass. I’ve never seen anyone look
so unsexy. They can stay on because I’m going to be
whipping the backs of your fat thighs. You will hold this
position exactly. If you move, I will tie you down and
whip you even harder.”
He takes off his belt and begins to whip the backs of my
thighs with it. It hurts a lot and I am soon begging him
to stop. He of course ignores me. After my thighs have
been sufficiently “warmed up” with the belt, he brings out
the cane. He begins lashing my thighs with his fiberglass
cane. My begging soon turns to screaming. He continues
caning the backs of my thighs until I can’t hold still
anymore. I stand up and move my hands to protect my legs.
“I told you not to move you dumb pig! I guess you really
want to suffer today.” He again grabs me by hair and drags
me to his dining room table. Rather than being bent over
it, he has me sit on top of it. I am positioned seated
with my feet together, hands tied behind my back, and knees
spread down. He then goes to work beating the tender
insides of my thighs with a hairbrush. The hairbrush
stings and my inner thighs immediately start turning red.
I am screaming but the ropes keep me from moving to escape
the blows. After a long session with the brush, he pulls
out the cane again. He canes my inner thighs hard until I
am screaming and crying. He takes a large butt-plug and
shoves it in my mouth to shut me up and canes me for
another several minutes.
Finally, he puts the cane down. He does not untie me. He
puts some extremely painful clamps on my nipples. He
leaves me with them on and the plug in my mouth. Still
tied up, he disappears into another room. He does not
return for about half an hour.
He takes the plug out of my mouth. He removes the clamps
and I grimace as the blood rushes back to my nipples. He
roughly grabs my nipples and begins squeezing and twisting
them to add to the pain. “Are you sorry for breaking my
rules this week?”
“Yes Sir!”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes Sir!”
“I hope so. But let’s be sure. Lie back all the way.” I
obey. He takes out the belt again and starts lashing my
stomach with it. “Apologize for being such a fat, lazy
“I’m sorry for being such a fat, lazy pig, Sir.” Another
lash across my stomach.
“I’m sorry for being such a fat, lazy pig, Sir.” Another
“I’m sorry for being such a fat, lazy pig, Sir.” Another
lash. This routine goes on for a total of 20 lashes to my
fat stomach.
He again asks, “Are you sorry for breaking my rules this
“Yes Sir! I’m very sorry for breaking your rules, Sir!”
“Good. Because I don’t like having my rules ignored. This
week you will prove how obedient you can be or next weekend
you will get a punishment that makes this one seem like
playtime. Understand, cunt?”
“Yes Sir.” He unties me and allows me to put my jeans back
on. He shoves my new bone back in my mouth and orders me
to keep there during my drive home and while walking back
into my house. If my neighbors see me, that’s my problem
and my own damn fault. When I get home I check my email
and find some special rules to be followed this week, in
addition to my usual ones.
1. Lunch every day this week will be a dry salad.
2. You will spank the insides of your thighs 20 times each
with your hairbrush every night this week, in addition to
your regular nighttime spanking.
3. Any time spent watching TV this week will be done while
sucking on your new dog bone.
4. While exercising every day, you must have your large
butt-plug in your ass.
5. You will sleep every night with a belt around your
stomach; it must be wore 3 notches tighter than you would
normally wear it so that it cuts painfully into your fat

I was warned to follow all the rules very closely this
week. The new painful and humiliating rules were designed
specifically as an added punishment and a test. I was
warned that breaking even one rule would be very unwise. I
hope to do better for my Dom this week.

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