The things about life
2010-08-08 19:47:56 (UTC)

My Not So awesome birthday

Hey, Im lauren and it's my 13th birthday today and its the
wrost birthday ever, i'll tell you what happened...
I went swimming and skating we went skating frist and then
we went in then stacey started talking to my mum behide my
back and sayng stuff about my shoes saying they are like way
too big for her and she sad if that was my mum she would of
made me take them back i was like OH MY GOD! and then we
went swimming and i had skin coming off my feet and stacey
feet smelt of cheese (not joking)and i had to get out that
was a waste of money and time and she got me no card or
present but i know its not about that but i brought her a
£50 present for her birthday which was half of my poket
money for a month i would be greatful for just a card. We
went to resterrant after and my little sister was eatng
better than her. She was picking things up with her HANDS
and started making supid noises when she was eating!
When we got home she was asking my parents for food and
things and asking them if she could open my presents.
My dad was giving her every thing out of room and she took
half of my make up and i had to share my money with her.
i HATE! her and i wish she was never my friend to start with
and i know hate is a stonge word and it might hurt but she
hurt me on my ment to be amazing birthday and it went so
wronge now she is sleeping at my house and i made her watch
telly while i wrote this!

Thanks Guys
Ur awesome
Lauren Butterfield x