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2010-08-08 17:44:52 (UTC)

Lying your way through Life

===Chapter 3===

"Bye honey!" My mom called as I started walking to
school. "Are you sure you dont want me to drive you? Its
your first day honey, come on!" It seemed as if she was
begging to drive me, she hates driving! Its like she wants
to suffer like I did.
"Its okay mom!" I called out from behind. "I can managed!"
I was looking around the neighbourhood. Surprisingly, it
was beatiful. The trees were a nice green, so was the
grass. The people seemed so friendly. I heard good things
about Toronto, I wasnt so miserable anymore. I think I
could learn to live with this. Also, after I graduate I
could go back to Hollywood myself or go to university in
Hollywood, if they have any. Either way, I will make my
dream a reality one day. All of a sudden, my phone
vibrated. I look and saw that Hannah texted me. I was so
happy to get a text from her. We both had the same plan,
ulimited texting, anywhere around the world. This text
would brighten up my day, I knew it.

2day is ur first day of school, isnt it?

She texted. I replied:

Yep. I havnt even got there and 2day alredy sucks!

She must of got the text instantly because 5 seconds
later, she replied.

Ooh. That doesnt sound good. Nyways, guss what happened to
Fran & Jude?

Fran and Jude were 2 people who I used to go to school
with in Hollywood. They'd been going out since Freshman
year. I wish I was there to actually see whatever
happened, happen.

Lemme guss, they broke-up?

I texted back. I love texting Hannah. No matter what mood
Im in, she makes me happy. If Im already happy, she makes
me so much happier. She is just like a ball of happiness
and rainbows. Atleast, thats what she put on her resume.
She always tries to find a way to make her friends laugh.

How'd u no? LOL

We texted for a long time. I was almost late for school
because I didnt realize what time it was. Less than a
minute to spare, but I made it. With about 35 seconds to
spare, I made in into class. Unfourtunatly, everyone
noticed me. Great, I dont like how this day is starting.
Everyone was mumbling to the person next to them. No one
was talking to me ===EDIT===

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