2010-08-08 04:54:06 (UTC)

Lying your way through Life

===Chapter 2===

"Zara!" My mother called from outside our house. "The
moving van is here! Bring down all your stuff!" I got all
the boxes in my room, which is basically 5 boxes of
clothes and 2 boxes of books, CD's, DVD's, ect...
"Coming!" I yelled from my room. I looked at my empty
room, feeling a sad feeling inside.
"Goodbye my soon to be forgotten room!" I said as I
starred off into the empty room.
"Soon to be forgotten?" I turned around and saw Jamie
peeking her head through the door.
"Just go before the waterworks come!" I said shoving my
sister out the door.
"Whatever, weirdo!" My sister said as she skipped off to
the moving van. I dont want to move, I cant! However, my
mother couldnt see the importance of my career in the
future, considering I got a C in English and Math, a D in
Language and Writing and a B- in Gym. How does someone get
under a B- in Gym anyways? With those grades, I cant
become a doctor or a scientist, not that I would want to
be one, but my mother should be able to see that! I need
acting and singing. And I guess dancing, its the only
thing I can do good!
"Zara!" My mother called. She sounded very angry, like
just found a spider in her food wich then crawled up her
"Im coming!" I yelled. I took down one box at a time.
Within maybe 2 hours, Ill be gone. I belong in Hollywood
and not in Toronto, Canada. The entire ride I changed my
outfit and fixed my hair. I atleast wanted to look good
when we got to Canada. When I finished, I was in Toronto.
We were living in a cute little house, 2 floors, 3
bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a basment. It was nice, but not
nice enough to make up the fact that this wasnt Hollywood
City. As a little gift though, my mother said she'd buy
all new furniture and I got the biggest room. It was
beatiful, it looked excatly like the room I had in
Hollywood. I didnt want new furniture now, I would try to
recreate my room as the one in Hollywood. At least
be one good think about this place. I told my mom not new
furniture but some new clothes. She gave me her credit
card and I rushed out.

I got to a nice mall. It was kind of big, I guess. I
looked around to see what other people were wearing so
fit in. I guess all that fame I wanted went to my head
because I was dressed up as if I were a celebrity.
Everyone was wearing shorts and T-shirts, I was wearing a
sparkling red dress that went right above my knees, black
pumps and a little black bag topped off with my new black
sunglasses and my hair looked like I just finished filming
a big Hollywood movie. I really just spent 2 hours fixing
my hair. I felt so overdressed. It was a good think that
this mall had some decent stores but they didnt have some
of my favourite stores. I got 6 new outfits, and some
accesories. I ran to find a bathroom before anyone saw me
all dressed up like this. I found one in the food court
and I ran as fast as I could. I think I might of bumped a
couple of people. I just wished I was back in Hollywood. I
changed within seconds and got back out. I looked like a
plain-Jane but I just needed to fit in. Atleast for the
first couple months. After a half hour of shopping. I
decided to go home and decorate my room. After I was done,
it was identical to my old room in Hollywood. The walls
were even the same colour. It was like my own little piece
of Hollywood in my room.
"Honey" My mother said as she walk into my room. "Wow,
your room looks very..." She paused. She hated it, I didnt
care. It was my room afterall. "...familiar." Familiar?
First she ruins my life, then trash-talks my room.
"So, honey" My mother began. "You start school tomorrow.
Here is the brochure again and, be careful honey." My
mother said as she walked out the door. School is
tomoroow, this sucks! I layed out all the new clothes I
bought and picked out some outfits very similar to the
ones that I saw people wearing at the mall. They look so
casual, Im used to over-dressing, like Im a movie star. I
layed out my clothes then went to bed. It felt like I was
right back in Hollywood everytime I was in my room. I
liked that feeling.

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