The fight of life
2010-08-08 03:46:39 (UTC)


Yesterday I accidentally IMed josh's friend Kyle, While they
were hanging. Nothing bad. What has my head stuck in
confusion is he said that Josh wants to get on his account
to talk to me cause he "cough cough loves me cough cough" I
didn't necessarily think he truly loved me as, you know.. A
girlfriend. Then I go to his profile and I see the status "i
wonder when "the person" is going to figure out i love them
x|" Im not sure if its me, But I kinda like him... I hope
its me.. In a way. Is it wrong that I think it is? I
surely hope not, Cause he is really sweet; and we have
really good conversations which makes me really like talking
to him.
Ehh I wanna know who it is, Cause im beginning to ....
really like him.. Here comes the what if's... What if its
not me? Im going to feel stupid for hoping it was so I can
tell him I like him What if it is me? Im going to be happy,
but then again he is moving either closer or further...
This situation has my heart racing and those butterflies active


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