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2010-08-07 07:22:31 (UTC)

7. 8. 2010, A new begining?

its a day after returning from my holiday, i so happened to
be lucky enough to go on a cruise with my family and
bestfriend, we visited noumea, isle of pines and emerald
bay. Just off the shore of Australia.

When i came back last night, i was so overwhelmed by being
home, i had a breakdown, but i realised instead of always
being used, betrayed and mis treated, i should just share my
story with strangers, strangers that dont even bother to
read, strangers that have more bigger problems and starngers
that might actually help and show a little affection. And
then i found this site, i dont know how to use it but all i
can do is try and maybe hope for the best, that something
positive and beautiful may come out of this decision i have

My day began with a long peaceful sleep in followed by the
shower and yelling of my family, breakfast and lunch was
missed as we have no food in my fridge or pantry, and then i
get an unexpected call from a friend, inviting me to watch
the footy down the road, happily enough i said yes and
headed down there, where i met up with everyone and shared
my holidays and thoughts about everything and everyone.
it was then suddenly 4pm, and everyone was going out and
having a life, so i walked home with a mate in this
unbelievably cold weather we are having, hand in hand, just
i do hope he doesnt go out tonight, i hope he makes plans
with me, because i do not want to go out and get raped in
this bad part of town where the party is.
wish me luck, ill get back to yous tomorrow.